2022-10-12 | 17:16:19

"Great quality home and excellent customer service post purchase."

EHCC | 2022-04-19 04:43:11

"Fidelity Wes is building a custom home for us and we are very proud to recommend them, especially in this very challenging time for building (covid, supply chains, etc.) . Some key highlights: 1) They build their business on quality and trust. Mike, Warren, Carla and the team are very transparent about costs and process and work very hard to put the customer first. From design to selections to the actual build, it is clear quality (materials, construction, even the process) is a primary focus. They take significant pride in what they do and it shows. 2) The team is very organized and have a tried and true process for ensuring timelines flow smoothly. The team is accommodative and proactive in taking steps to provide information around options, goes the extra mile in helping with design, and helps make recommendations to help you stay on budget depending on your needs. Even though they have standard providers, they will work with you to make sure you get everything you want. 3) The team truly puts the customer first. The team will advocate for the customer when it comes to pricing and works to make sure their scale is leverage to provide as much value for the customer as possible. Don’t really think you can ask for much more. "

2021-06-08 | 22:14:54

"Fidelity Wes was great to work with. They guided through the entire process. Always responsive to questions or concerns. Would highly recommend."

2021-06-08 | 22:14:55

"Quality construction completed on time with nice trim work and details that are unique and noticed!"

2021-06-08 | 22:14:56

"They we great. On time and on budget. Finished when they said they would"