When you partner with Fidelity Wes, we walk you through the process.


The first step in the process of custom home building is to meet with us at our Long Grove Design Center to discuss your wish list and review possible floor plans and blueprints.  This will give you a very good idea of what your total cost will be.  Customers begin the Lot/Construction and Loan Approval process and schedule a target 1-Time Closing date.



Upon receipt of a $5,000 non-refundable Architect and Blueprint fee (applied to the price of your home should you build with us) we will meet to review preliminary floor plans and blueprints.  This fee includes preliminary 1st and 2nd floor plans, with two changes, followed by a front elevation drawing, with two changes.   Pricing will be discussed and adjusted based on changes and decisions you make at this time.


To prepare Final Engineering & Blueprints for construction, a $15,000-$20,000 non-refundable fee is required at this point (all of which goes toward your 20% down payment).  Two non-structural changes are included before blueprints are finalized.

Any changes after this point would incur additional costs.


.  At the 1-Time Closing, you will put the balance of 20% down (less any amounts paid to date) and title to the lot will be transferred to you.

This starts your Construction End Loan.




While you finalize your mortgage and blueprints, you’ll begin the Selections process, which takes about eight weeks.  Meeting regularly at our Design Center, we’ll walk you through choosing the custom finishes for your new home, from exterior brick and stone to interior design elements including cabinets, countertops, plumbing faucets, hardwood flooring and carpet.  You’ll also visit our granite and tile supplier’s massive showroom and meet with our low-voltage supplier to design your phone, cable and sound systems.


. Construction of your new home begins as soon agreed and, takes an agreed upon amount of time based on your needs and current project schedule.  Since we’re meeting regularly as part of the Selections process, you’re kept up to date on the progress and may visit the construction site by appointment.



We present you with the keys and you can begin enjoying your new dream home!  But our commitment to our customers doesn’t end there.  Through our 60-day and one-year walkthroughs, we fix any lingering issues to ensure your new home lives up to the Fidelity Wes standard of quality.